Take My Money: Fuzzy Flyers Edition

Take My Money is a new occasional series featuring creative inspiration straight from Impact’s mailbox.

If I were a character in “Harry Potter,” I would totally have a pet bat. I mean, owls are way too mainstream, amirite?

So I appear to be the target audience for this beautiful package from The Nature Conservancy, featuring a full color photo of a bat saying “Nobody Loves Me.”

“AWWW, look at her cute widdle tongue! I will love you, bat!”

You can’t go wrong with a furry face, even one that’s a little unusual. Between the photo and the teaser, this envelope begs to be opened. And once you get inside, The Nature Conservancy effectively makes the case for giving to prevent habitat loss and support critical wildlife research. The copy includes includes geographic personalization, and makes the reader feel special for caring about these misunderstood animals.

Take my money! And save the bats!

Did you work on this package? Let us know so we can give you a virtual round of applause!


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