Take My Money: Valentine’s Day Edition

Take My Money is a new occasional series featuring creative inspiration straight from Impact’s mailbox.

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your donors how much you love them. And this card my husband and I just received from our college shows how to do it right.

This pretty picture is of the Crim Dell bridge, one of the most beautiful spots at the College of William & Mary. Campus lore holds that if a couple crosses the bridge together, and kisses at the top, they’ll be together forever. (We won’t go into how to reverse the spell if the relationship takes a turn for the worse…)

It’s the perfect image to grace the Valentine they sent to alumni couples. It feels personal, bringing up warm feelings of our college days together. A place where we were young and in love.

Now please excuse me while I go hum our alma mater for the rest of the afternoon.


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