Fool Me Once. . .

It’s tax time and they’re at it again. Direct marketers who send mailings that look just like the important tax documents you are waiting for.



In January and February, my mailbox was full of envelopes that looked like this:

The problem is . . . these packages have nothing to do with my taxes. So, when I open them and find out the sender wants to sell me a credit card or insurance, or a bridge in Brooklyn, I’m annoyed.

Why do marketers think that annoying someone is a good way to start a relationship? Don’t they understand that in today’s world, TRUST is one of the most valuable assets any company has? How can you trust a company that uses trickery in its marketing to be transparent and above board with you when you become a customer?

The lesson here is that we should start our relationships with our donors (and customers) the right way. With honest, thoughtful communications that inspire them, not gimmicks. If we do that, we might just have a shot at building that relationship for the long haul.

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