Impact Receives AARP Supplier of the Year Award

Impact has had the pleasure of working with AARP Foundation since 2011 and have come to know the organization inside and out. Over the past eight years, we have written about the innovative work the Foundation does to support seniors in poverty – solving the big issues of income insecurity, hunger and safe housing.

But we have recently learned about the truly remarkable efforts of AARP and AARP Foundation in the area of diversity and inclusion.

You see, not only does AARP say that they support diverse businesses, they actually encourage their employees to partner with small businesses and women, minority, or veteran owned companies. It was inspiring to attend the AARP Supplier Diversity Awards & Recognition Ceremony on Wednesday as I heard the encouragement and rewards AARP offers their employees for partnering with companies that represent the many different communities the organization serves.

Impact Communications was named as one of AARP’s 2018 Suppliers of the Year through their Supplier Diversity Awards & Recognition Program. Receiving this award is an honor, but the true privilege was learning about yet another innovative way AARP is working to make our world better for all people.

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