Stories Told.

A Case for the Bishop Walker School for Boys

As the Bishop Walker School for Boys prepares to create a new home for their upper grades, they turned to Impact for help in crafting a compelling case statement and brochure. These beautifully designed materials concisely explain the school’s compelling mission to provide a nurturing educational environment for boys in one of D.C.’s most underprivileged communities, and describes the current three part campaign. (more…)

Greenpeace Notecard Appeal

Greenpeace looked to us to help with a notecard package they wanted to send – along with a petition to ban drilling in the Arctic. Check out the fantastic wildlife photography on the cards, as well as an appeal that emphasizes the urgency of the ask.

View the letter here, and the notecards here.


As AAUW planned the launch of a million-dollar capacity building campaign, they turned to Impact to develop the case for support. For this case, we interviewed AAUW members, leaders, and programmatic staff in order to capture the need and ambition for the campaign across the organization’s nation-wide membership.


Christian Appalachian Project

As Christian Appalachian Project celebrated their 50th anniversary, they had an ambitious goal to double the number of volunteers they work with. Impact helped them create an inspiring case for support to raise the funds needed to achieve that goal—and help even more Kentucky families struggling with poverty.

Hostelling International

Impact collaborated with Hostelling International on a persuasive case for support for their efforts to improve and expand their hostel network, reach out to the next generation of hostellers, and invest in the future of hosteling by doubling their endowment.

Foundation Fighting Blindness – DMFA Package of the Year

Many supporters of the Foundation Fighting Blindness have told us that someone in their family is affected by vision loss. With this knowledge, we created the “Family Insight Survey” to ask them to share their insights with other families. Of course, we also included a few critically important questions about planning and estate gifts. (more…)

University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business

This is a great example of direct mail writing that speaks personally and powerfully to the donor about their connection to the organization.

Washington National Cathedral

For this case for support our team interviewed everyone from the Dean of the Cathedral to heads of departments to volunteer docents (more…)


In this urgent appeal we helped Greenpeace alert its members to a serious threat to the Amazon rainforest. (more…)

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Some causes demand strong writing, as in this appeal for the Brady Campaign about keeping guns off college campuses. (more…)